10 Elegant Tip For Your Serve the Lord

God desires that we be so persuaded of His tender love, so convinced He is at work bringing us into His best, that we will have consistent joy and gladness in our walk with Him! Moses alerted Israel, “Due to the fact that you did not serve the Lord your God with joy and gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things, therefore you will serve your enemies, whom the Lord will send against you, in hunger, in thirst, in nakedness, and in need of all things” (Deuteronomy 28:47 -48).

God is saying to us today, “Be delighted and rejoice in what I have actually currently done for you! If you walk around moping, murmuring and grumbling, you will permanently be spiritually starved and naked, a victim to your enemies!” God desires us to so trust in His love for us that we will be statements of gladness and good cheer! He wants preachers who are glad at heart, filled with a gladness that is based on fact.

Is there a difference in between work and serve? Sure! They are both generally the exact same, however work is another word for labor. You can work for food, for good friends, or for funds, but work is simply … work! Serving is serve the Lord with gladness of work: work that shows a direction. You can work without regard for others, but you can not serve that way. Serving is labor for someone else. It will make all the difference in the world today if you are serving instead of just working.

There is excellent profit for you and for others if your labor today is serving. However there is a difference in between just serving and serving the Lord. You can serve an individual, a ministry, or a cause, however serving the Lord is something completely various. Serving will impact the method you work, and serving the Lord will impact how you serve.

The prophet Samuel led the country of Israel faithfully for most of his life. In his farewell address, he admonished individuals that they should faithfully serve God as they entered into a brand-new age of kingship. By keeping God as their focus even with a human king, they could be assured of God’s love in their lives. God offers us the strength to serve Him, and gives us joy as we do. Remember His true blessings and His promises as you look for to serve Him in your own life.

We are commanded not only to serve and praise God but to do it happily. God’s light in our lives is the ultimate cause for joy and satisfaction, so it is just natural that we should not just serve Him, but welcome others to do the exact same. We can participate in His presence with appreciation and glorify His Call knowing that our service is to the God Who has saved us.

This is a popular favorite with professional athletes, business professionals, and many other believers. It generally refers to God’s ability to reinforce us for whatever we set our minds to. While this holds true, it is essential to read the rest of the letter to the Philippians to more fully understand that God’s preparation and provision are sufficient for any life scenario. We can do anything, go through any trial, and start any service in the power and strength of our Father.

Our work will constantly yield a good return, so we should be diligent and devoted to remain in God’s service our entire lives. We are guaranteed throughout Bible that God will not abandon us, and one method this proves true is that He will always bring about a result when His Word is preached. Our part is to just stay stable in our service. If we remain faithful to His will and His way for us, we can be sure to see the aspects of His plans unfold in our lives.