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Our life transforms worthless from the very minute we stop considering the well being of others. Nowadays, humanity seems to have reached its floor when it involves principles and moral values. You get a paper, the information of murders, kidnapping, burglary and deceptiveness are everywhere. We switch on a TV set to have even more of such pathetic events as killing by terrorists, individuals dying due to road rage, the innocents being eliminated everywhere for no reasons. It is high time we need to do something to save humanity from mosting likely to the dogs. We should stop being confined to our personal problems and look beyond that at issues of bigger passion.

When we take into consideration how best to serve others, it assists to keep in mind that we can rise to the level we set for ourselves– that whatever service we provide should be done to the very best of our capacities. While striving for excellence in all that we do, the sincerest form of service is that which is used in a spirit of humbleness. To be useful is pleasing, but our efforts to help others should be free from any desire for self-aggrandizement, recognition, or sense of prevalence. Prestige is a notion that is based upon social ideas, not on truth.

There is no usage living a life which is squandered in just meeting personal interests. illuminati club is a pity that we have become targets of narcissism in the modern-day world where everybody seems to be associated with the pursuit of materialistic enjoyments. It is a mistake for all of us that we have failed to remember such values as brotherhood, unity and selflessness. We have become money-minded which seems to have become the ‘be-all and end-all’ of humanity. The realisation of reality does come but by the time one realises their mistake, it is far too late and we become also old to do anything to the service of humanity.

People that always baby crib that they do not have sufficient centers available in spite of having everything can never offer humanitarian solutions due to the fact that if one has the mind set of not being self- sufficient, just how can he or she help a person else.Only humans can understand the importance of humanity and it is humanity as a result of intelligence which in fact offers the core significance to human existence. You will not need a hefty amount to contribute towards humanitarian activities. You agree to pay hundreds of bucks for your clinical check- up but when it pertains to paying your employee; you want to save every dime.

Humanity can be specified as top quality of being human as it differs from person to person. Being human does not suggest that a specific has humanity. Humanity means looking after and aiding others whenever and any place feasible, humanity is assisting others sometimes when they need that help one of the most, humanity means neglecting your egocentric interests sometimes when others need your help and humanity means extending genuine love to every and every living getting on Earth.

We should be thankful to the Almighty for having honored us with the life of a human, the supreme remaining in the whole world. We should understand its importance and take advantage of it by doing kindness and noble actions. A life dedicated to the service to humanity is the most sublime method of making life worth living. A life lived only for the gratification of personal gains is worthless. As human beings, we are bestowed with the power of representation and consideration by the God. When also plants and animals serve the society in several ways, why can not we as human beings do anything to make the world a better place to live?