Precisely why You Must Experience Asian Umbrellas At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Rice Paper Umbrella is a lightweight umbrella commonly called as the Parasol. Parasol is a Latin word where Para means protection and sol are Sun. Ladies prefer to carry as an accessory for special occasions like a wedding or any party. The finial is also covered by the exact same paper material which makes the umbrella top made from the single material. The paper umbrella is guided with a bamboo stick and has a wooden holder.

Paper umbrellas is a simple DIY which can be made by a bachelor by having minimal material or a heavily designed paper umbrella a traditional accessory used in different culture. Commonly used paper umbrellas needed manpower in generating the material, shaping the umbrellas a finally painting and varnishing the umbrella. Below are some the traditional paper umbrella types which can widen the reader’s knowledge about the different paper umbrella.

Umbrella can be described in different perspective according to how one sees it, which can be classified according to the umbrella usage and design. The umbrella which can be considered as a thing which can is used to prevent from oneself getting wet on a rainy weather or for an artistic person an umbrella can be called a blooming out material which can be made from different material and design. For those who want to combine its beautiful design and shape with its protective action, this article can definitely highlight the different perspective to a simple Umbrella which is made not from the usual synthetic material but rather from a natural material which is the Paper. Paper is definitely a natural material which can be used design some amazing eye catchy design for creating the handcrafted Paper Umbrella. There are many ways regarding how to make paper umbrella which has been bought into attention in this article.

Chinese usage Oil paper umbrella during the wedding as a symbol of removing any fiend when the wedding bride arrives. The oil-paper umbrella is made from bamboo which is cut into a slice, taken in water and made into pulp and processed in the machine to get thin paper material which is then oil painted. Asian parasols signifies longevity of the senior citizens, white signifies funeral service.

The popular Washi paper is used in designing Japanese paper umbrella. Washi in which “Shi” means paper. Washi paper is made from “Gampi” tree. The umbrella can be made as a thin umbrella called the Janome and the steady Bangasa umbrella. The thin material has a very flimsy finish in contrast to the steady umbrella.

For girls who like to have huge colorful umbrellas for any event, then this type of classy as well as a traditional umbrella can be used. The material used in designing this paper umbrella can be either from bamboo sticks or from recycled paper. The bamboo paper material is more traditional outlook when compared to the recycled paper designed huge paper umbrellas.

Traditional in Chinese culture, the paper umbrella is used which has currently been used in other cultures. The main highlight of this umbrella is the design which is made by freehand painters who can easily sketch the face of the bride and the bridegroom in addition to the umbrellas which is used in during the wedding as a way of decorating the wedding hall. A few of the couples tend to choose plain white paper umbrellas which can also add an elegant look. The paper material used in designing is usually different from the usual paper umbrellas. The commonly used paper material is the shiny paper or a matte effect paper which can shine out well and brings out the festive environment.

Moms and dads who wish to spend quality time with their kids in a more creative way, then one such intriguing method could be Do it yourself DIY method in designing paper umbrella. Things needed for this artistic job would be muffin making paper cups; few sketch pens, and a shiny foldable stick. The paper cup is made flat and desirable decoration is done on top of the paper cups. The thin shiny foldable or malleable stick is drawn onto the center of the flat muffin paper cup, which then forms the fully made DIY paper umbrella for the kid.

Asian traditional way of making paper umbrellas is done by using natural paper material which is cut into desirable sized and coated with different colors and a waterproof varnish is coated in addition to the paper material in order to prevent water infiltration. The paper material is connected to a wooden stick. The wooden stick and the handle are coated with waterproof varnish. This complete umbrella design is then allow to dry. Later designers do freehand painting on top of the paper umbrella to give the simple hand-made umbrella a classy and elegant outlook.